You Can Do It

Many of us have health goals we want to achieve. Whether it be exercising more, losing weight or reducing stress by achieving a better balance in our hectic and bustling lives.

So, what do we do?

Is it enough to say, I am going to eat healthier or I am going to get more exercise or I am going to get home earlier at night so I can spend more time with my family?
Probably not.

Let me make a few suggestions.

First, if you have a health goal, try to be specific about that goal. For example, I want to run a 5K by summer. I want to lose 10 pounds in the next 2 months.

Then look at past experiences, what worked for you and what did not.

Research options. For example, if you have a specific weight loss goal, look into Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or ask about our Optifast program for example. Consider a consult to talk about medications.

Once you have plan, prepare. Consider what it will take to reach your goal. For example, will you have to make a change in your work schedule to allow you to leave earlier to spend more time with your family?

Realize that change is difficult. Change takes courage. Courage means the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty or pain without fear.

The courage to step out of your routine and experiment with a different way of thinking and behaving. You do not have to be an astronaut to have courage.

Courage is necessary to make a life change to achieve your health goals.

Courage leads to commitment, the key to success. Commitment means dedication to a cause or activity. It means doing what it takes on a repetitive basis to achieve your goal. It means being flexible enough to consider if what you are doing is not working, you consider other options in your quest to achieve your goal.
I encourage you to have health goals. So…..LET’S GO!

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