The Many Benefits of a Hydrfacial

The Many Benefits of a Hydrfacial

Have you heard the term hydrafacial and thought, “Big deal. I’ve had a facial before.”? Well, we’re here to give you some of the best news ever: hydrafacials are not simple facials, and they offer many benefits for many different skincare needs.  

Dallas Family Medical & Aesthetics is run by Julie Reihsen, MD, who offers the best medspa treatment options available. She — along with the rest of our staff — is excited to show you the many ways in which hydrafacials can help you with skin imperfections and other problems the way no facial in your life ever has!

The lowdown on hydrafacials 

A hydrafacial is a patented treatment option that brings together the benefits of microdermabrasion treatment and hydrating serums to create glowing, healthy skin. The treatment can also help you get rid of some of those pesky skin problems (but more on that later). 

Hydrafacials require three simple steps. First, Dr. Reihsen or your licensed esthetician uncovers the healthy layer beneath your skin’s surface using exfoliation techniques. Then suction is used to remove impurities from the skin, such as dirt and debris, and moisturizers immediately follow the suction to rehydrate your skin. Finally, the skin’s surface is flooded with antioxidants and peptides, protecting it and maximizing its new, healthy glow. 

How a hydrafacial can benefit you

Hydrafacials can benefit you in so many ways. Let’s say you have a specific issue for which you want a natural, effective treatment. Hydrafacials can help with these, plus they offer some built-in advantages that make them a fantastic choice for consistent cosmetic skincare. 

Aging treatment

Signs of aging are one of the issues for which many people turn to medspas, and hydrafacials are a great way to deal with this. A 2008 study found that hydrafacials treated everything from fine lines to hyperpigmentation. In addition, skin firmness and elasticity are usually both increased with the help of a hydrafacial. 

Acne and blackhead treatment

Acne, blackheads and oily skin can benefit significantly from microdermabrasion, which is just a part of the hydrafacial. The one-two punch of deep cleaning and moisturizing the skin helps these long-term issues and provides many people with excellent results. 

Skin tone brightening and balancing 

Not only can skin be made firmer with the help of a hydrafacial, but it can also become brighter and healthier looking. Hydrafacials help treat congestion and other issues that may cause the skin to look dull or listless, and can even out discoloration, which provides a consistent, glowing tone all over. 

No side effects

Unlike some other cosmetic treatments available for these numerous skin issues, hydrafacials have almost no side effects. Most patients don’t even feel the wand as it works on their skin, and little to no redness occurs afterward, making it easy to go about your day once you’re done.

And so much more…

Hydrafacials may also be effective for other skin issues, such as wrinkles, rosacea, and enlarged pores. We recommend talking to Dr. Reihsen about your needs to determine if the treatment is best for you. 

But the critical thing to note is that hydrafacials do create a dramatic effect when it comes to brightening, rejuvenating, and healing your skin. Since there are so many benefits to getting a hydrafacial, we recommend simply coming in and trying it out for yourself. 

Schedule a hydrafacial appointment

If you’re ready to see all the wonderful things a hydrafacial can do for you, schedule an appointment at our Addison, Texas, office today. Just call our office or book online.

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