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In a review article in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers noted Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig are the most reliable systems for maximizing the chances for long-term weight loss. Jenny Craig participants had the best outcomes in their review article. In one study it was noted, people who used the Jenny Craig program lost more weight after one year than their counterparts who received either diet education or behavioral counseling. Weight Watchers was endorsed as the most cost-effective option. The researchers noted, in another set of clinical trials, people who used Weight Watchers dropped 2.6% more weight after one year as compared with people in a control group who received education only.

In my personal experience, Weight Watchers provided me with an effective system to track my food choices and to monitor my progress. I was able to eat the food of my choosing and it was cost-effective. Due to the fact I was eating less both in volume and in eating out, I probably saved money overall even with the costs of the program! I also found that teamwork and having a group for support and for a healthy competition was even better! Having the team approach took the work out of losing weight and changing my lifestyle and put the fun in!

As you know there are more medication options both over the counter and prescription than ever. Remember the following:

1. Medications do not replace a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet choices.
2. Medications may have side-effects.
3. Medications can interact together.
4. Medications need to be medically monitored in most cases.
5. Medication options should be discussed with your doctor before beginning to take them.

Surgery is also an option for a select group of people.

I would encourage you, if losing weight is a goal you have, to look at these programs. If you need help, to consider medications, recognizing a healthy lifestyle and diet are the basis for weight loss and long-term weight control. If you would like to talk to us more about diet or medications, please call us.

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