Preparing for your DOT Physical

As part of our ongoing commitment to the community, Dallas Family Medical & Aesthetics provides DOT physicals. 

Our health care providers are licensed Medical Examiners who meet federal requirements for issuing the certification you require to obtain or renew a commercial driver’s license.

DOT physicals are, in some ways, much more detailed than a standard exam. Successfully completing the process requires some preparation and patience as you gather all the necessary paperwork. 

We’re happy to provide general guidelines here and encourage you to contact our office or check with your employer if you have further questions.

DOT physical basics  

DOT (Department of Transportation) physicals are part of the routine for commercial vehicle drivers in the United States. They’re designed to ensure that you’re fit to operate a city bus, tractor/trailer, certain passenger vans, and numerous other vehicles that federal guidelines identify as “commercial” grade.

Drivers required to have a DOT physical include those who:

Most individuals need DOT physical exams every two years. Those with certain medical conditions (diabetes, hypertension, heart disease) require yearly exams.

When driving for a company, your employer will likely notify you of DOT physical requirements. Independent drivers and others, such as those volunteering to drive a church bus, must meet the same federal standards.

These guidelines fall under the authority of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Note that any healthcare provider who performs DOT physicals must also meet federal licensure guidelines to become Medical Examiners. Those who do not have these credentials are not eligible to issue medical certification for commercial drivers.

What to bring to your DOT physical

You can save yourself time and frustration if you prepare in advance for your DOT physical, including hearing and vision screening, physical evaluation, medical history assessment, and review of your current medications.

You can also expect urine screening and, depending on your health history, may need other labs. For your convenience, we provide DOT lab services here at Dallas Family Medical Health & Wellness.

You must bring specific items to your visit, including:

Rather than scrambling to gather this information every one to two years, most commercial drivers find it helpful to keep their medical records updated and organized in anticipation of their DOT physical.

Where can I find the forms for a DOT physical?

The site offers free, print-friendly PDF forms required for DOT physicals. If you don’t have access to a printer or computer, check with your employer, local library, or another facility that offers computer/print services.

To save time, fill in your portion of the application(s) before arriving at the office. Individuals with certain health conditions require extra paperwork covering medical exemptions for as diabetes, seizures, hearing, and vision.

Depending on your health circumstance, your primary care physician or attending specialist may need to complete portions of the required forms in advance, indicating that your health condition is well-controlled and does not prevent you from safely operating a commercial vehicle.

Once your paperwork is complete, provided you pass the physical exam, your MyDoc Medical Examiner will issue certification (medical card) that qualifies you as fit to drive.

To book your DOT physical, contact the Addison office of Dallas Family Medical & Aesthetics at 972-290-1495 to request an appointment today!

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