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Botox: The Quick-and-easy Solution for Wrinkles

Every time you smile, frown, or squint, lines form around the top half of your face. However, these lines become increasingly etched into your skin and begin to take up permanent residence. Since turning back the clock isn’t possible, we offer the next best thing for reducing these signs of aging — Botox®.

At Dallas Family Medical & Aesthetics, Dr. Julie Reihsen and our team firmly believe that overall wellness is both an inside and outside job. Alongside our general healthcare services, we’re pleased to offer aesthetic services that help you look as young and vibrant as you feel on the inside. And one of our quickest and easiest treatments is the cosmetic injectable Botox, which has retained the number one position for non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the United States for almost 20 years.

Here’s a look at how Botox works and why it’s so popular.

Behind those wrinkles

As the years go by, several factors contribute to the visible signs of aging on your face. One of the strongest influences is exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which breaks down your skin cells and collagen fibers. If you consider that your face is one of your body’s most exposed areas, you can see why the signs of aging tend to be more evident here.

Next, as you grow older, you begin to lose collagen — the protein responsible for much of the structural support in your skin. As your collagen production naturally begins to wane, your skin doesn’t bounce back as it once did, leaving it to wrinkle and sag.

The last contributor to aging skin is simple wear-and-tear. As we mentioned, every time you make a facial expression, your skin is pulled into what we refer to as dynamic wrinkles. Unfortunately, thanks to the breakdown in your skin, these wrinkles slowly become less dynamic and more permanent, and it’s these lines where Botox is most effective.

The Botox difference

Botox is an FDA-approved cosmetic injectable designed to make moderate-to-severe frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines look better. Botox’s key ingredient is onabotulinumtoxinA, a neuromodulator that quiets the muscles that contract to form the lines on the upper half of your face.

When you come in, we take a look at where the most problematic wrinkles are and strategically inject Botox into these areas to give you a more youthful appearance without looking frozen.

We perform this procedure in mere minutes, after which time you’re free to get on with your day. 

Over the week following your appointment, the Botox slowly relaxes the muscles, giving your skin a dramatically smoother appearance. And these results can last up to four months, at which point you schedule another visit with us for another round of Botox.

As you can see, unlike more invasive cosmetic procedures, Botox is quick and easy, and there’s no downtime, which is why the treatment is so popular. Most patients make Botox a regular part of their beauty regimen, along with dermal fillers, which do wonders for sagging skin and lines around the bottom half of your face.

If you’d like to schedule your Botox visit, please contact our office in Addison, Texas, and we’ll get you set up.

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