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Common Causes of Sexual Pain

Painful sex in women is not only common; there’s a name for the problem — dyspareunia. If you’re struggling with your sex life because of pain, here’s a look at some of the more common issues and what we can do about them.

Sep 9th, 2020
Options for Allergy Testing and Treatment

Perhaps you develop sneezing fits during certain times of the year or break out in hives after eating certain foods. The odds are these events are tied to allergies, and the best way to manage them is through allergy testing.

Aug 3rd, 2020
Botox: The Quick-and-easy Solution for Wrinkles

For nearly two decades, Botox® has helped millions of women and men combat the signs of aging by reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles. Here’s a look at why this cosmetic treatment continues to reign supreme.

Jul 30th, 2020
Our Office Has Moved

Patient’s who’ve not had an appointment in the last two years may be unaware that our office has moved! But don’t fret because we’re at Treepoint Plaza, just a few blocks south of our original location.

Jun 3rd, 2019
Diet, Exercise Can Keep Cholesterol Under Control

It seems every day we read or hear more news about cholesterol. What does it all mean? Cholesterol is a type of fat made by the liver. Cholesterol is also contained in certain foods that you eat such as eggs, meat, and dairy products.

Jun 3rd, 2019
Immunizations Needed to Maintain Health

As flu season approaches, we are reminded of the need for annual immunizations. For example, flu shots. The influenza vaccine represents one of the several immunizations that the Center for Disease Control and others recommend some adults and ...

Jun 3rd, 2019
Depression is Often Misunderstood

The word depression can be confusing. Is often used to describe normal emotional responses. At some point in their lives, everyone may feel blue. However, when the symptoms persist for longer than a couple of weeks, a person may be suffering from ...

Jun 3rd, 2019
What Can A Healthy Diet Do For You?

A recent study in Norway reported by TIME magazine of more than 4000 folks with an average age of 66 showed that people who had healthier diets had larger brain mass when measured on brain scans.

Jun 3rd, 2019
It’s Never Too Late To Talk About Obesity

Two‚Äźthirds of the American population is obese. We all know obesity can increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. But what is the definition of obesity?

Jun 3rd, 2019
The Answer Is In

In a review article in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers noted Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig are the most reliable systems for maximizing the chances for long-term weight loss.

Jun 3rd, 2019
You Can Do It

Many of us have health goals we want to achieve. Whether it be exercising more, losing weight or reducing stress by achieving a better balance in our hectic and bustling lives.

Jun 3rd, 2019